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YOGA built for MEN

YOGA built for MEN

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This class is perfect for any Man looking to improve their flexibility, strength, and overall well-being Whether you're a experienced or completely new to yoga. You will guide you through a dynamic and invigorating sequence that is tailored to the male body.

So, if you're ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, come join us for our first class on Wednesday May 3rd! And don't forget to invite your friends.

Here are some of the benefits of yoga that are specifically related to men's health:

Improved flexibility:

Men tend to have tighter muscles than women, which can make it more challenging to get into certain yoga poses. However, yoga can help improve flexibility and range of motion, which can be beneficial for athletic pursuits.

Increased strength:

 Yoga poses can help build strength in the upper body, core, and lower body, which can improve overall fitness and athletic performance. PS. We lift out body weight at yoga, I dare you!

Improved posture:

Poor posture is a common problem for many men, particularly those who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Yoga help improve posture by strengthening the muscles that support the spine and promoting alignment of the spine and pelvis. This can reduce the risk of back pain and improve overall body mechanics, making everyday activities more efficient. Additionally, good posture can also improve self-confidence and body image.

Stress reduction:

Yoga is known for its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Men may find this particularly helpful in managing work-related stress, relationship stress, and other sources of anxiety.

Improved sexual health:

Yoga can help improve sexual health and stamina by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This can lead to better erections, improved ejaculatory control, and increased sexual satisfaction.

So, come join our new yoga for men class and experience all these amazing benefits for yourself!


Tatiana M Newton

Iyengar Yoga Teacher. IYOGABODY founder. 

Alignment Educator.

mobile: +44 7961 806271


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