iyogabody rewarded as top yoga classes in tyneside, uk

iYogaBody best yoga classes in North Tyneside, UK


I'm so grateful for IYOGABODY to have been recognised and been listed as the top 3 yoga classes in Tyneside. For the last 7 years we have been consistent with plenty of ups and downs, but the support of my loyal students has made everything worthwhile.

This recognition wasn't paid for, self nominated, promoted , or influenced in any way. This was a recognition of hard work, ups and downs and incredible loyalty of my amazing yogis - yoga students.

As a teacher you have to be able to read the room and meet each student where they are, knowing when to challenge people further and when to offer modifications for injuries or limitations. so I have to learn about each and every single person coming through door of my studio and my home studio.

I've created a warm, welcoming space where my students feel comfortable and cared for.  Many have been with me for years now, and it's incredibly fulfilling to see newcomers become just as dedicated over the course of a few months.

Of course, running a small business is never easy, especially in the early days before you build a following of loyal, incredible and like minded people. 

I share this honor with all of my students, without whom there would be no yoga classes at all, let alone award-winning ones! I look forward to many more years of practicing, teaching and learning together.


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