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Private Couple / Partner Yoga

Private Couple / Partner Yoga

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Unique to North East 

Duration of the session is 1 hour

I have a vast experience in partners / couples yoga and it’s ALWAYS enjoyable and super fun for the couple.

You’ll be surprised to discover the unexpected and unusual benefits practicing yoga together, such as..

Unique Bonding Experience.

Couple's yoga at iYogaBody offers a unique bonding experience that goes beyond traditional forms of exercise. Sharing the practice of yoga with your partner can create a special bond and foster a sense of adventure, playfulness, and joy. It's an opportunity to explore new postures, challenge each other, and celebrate your progress together, creating lasting memories and a shared sense of accomplishment.

You both will deepen Your Connection.

Through synchronised movements, coordinated breath
work, and shared mindfulness, you can enhance your bond and create a deeper sense of intimacy and connection- strengthening your relationship both on and off the mat.

Address Your Needs.

Private couple's yoga sessions are entirely
customised to cater to your unique needs as a couple to ensure the practice is safe, enjoyable, and beneficial for both, regardless of their individual levels of experience or flexibility.

You will learn about Injury Prevention.
Couple's yoga place a special emphasis on anatomical
body alignment and injury prevention by providing targeted alignment cues and adjustments to help you and your partner align your bodies optimally in each pose, promoting proper alignment of joints, muscles, and connective tissues..

You will be Mindful and Relaxed.

As you synchronise your breath and movements, you can create a shared experience of mindfulness and deep relaxation, helping you both to release stress, tension, and worries. As well as enhance your emotional connection.

Embark on a transformative journey of couple's yoga and purpose of practicing yoga together with your partner.
We will do our best to accommodate your schedule - Contact us now to book your private couple yoga session and discover the joy of shared mindfulness, alignment, and connection through the practice of yoga
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